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The history of Cousins Vape

Each Vape shop is carefully designed to incorporate a welcoming and relaxed social setting to complete every customer visit.

The business was registered early in 2021 after a long decision on what to name it. Shortly thereafter the decision was made to find an ideal location to open the shop where value can be added to the surrounding community. The decision was made to open Cousins Vape first store in Langebaan where there was a need for a Vape Shop that offered products at a fair and affordable price. On the 16th of November 2021 Cousins Vape opened the doors of their first Vape shop.


Opening a retail store
After searching and visiting many loactions, the Vape shiop location was decide to be in Langebaan. The doors opened on the 16th of November


Sell product online
Cousins Vape online store opened for orders in September and shipping all over South Africa. The prices listed was extremely fair compared to other stores in area


Greatest achievement

Historical Events

1927: Joseph Robinson

The very first vaping seeds were planted in 1927 by an American called Joseph Robinson. He filed a patent for a device he called a ‘Mechanical Butane Ignition Vaporizer’. His patent was approved three years later but Robinson never brought it to the market, leaving the concept left under wraps for a few decades.

1963: Herbert A Gilbert

More than 40 years after Robinson’s revelation, Herbert A Gilbert stepped in to take over and bring the idea to life. Using the technology that was available in 1963, he created a cigarette alternative without combustion. The only flaw in his creation was that it just wasn’t fashionable enough to take off back then. But, with the same basic technology being used in today’s vaping devices, he well and truly left his mark on the industry

1980s: Phil Ray

A couple of decades later and Phil Ray worked with a man called Normal Jacobson to commercialise the concept of e-cigarettes.

They produced something revolutionary: a way to inhale nicotine without combustion. The device began to look and feel more like a cigarette too, despite it actually being nicotine soaked paper, working without any combustion at all.

The idea itself still didn’t take off though, but it did put the word ‘vaping’ on the map.

2001: Hon Lik

Hon Lik, a pharmacist from China, turned his smoking vice into an invention after his father passed away from lung cancer.

First, he experimented with various vaporisation systems to find a liquid that would best replicate the sensation of inhaling tobacco smoke – and he did: propylene glycol. Coupled up with vegetable glycerine, his choice remains one of the key e-liquid ingredients to this day.

One thing Lik had on his side was technology advancements. Unlike his predecessors, he had access to modern lithium batteries, which would allow his e-cigs to run for hours at a time.

So, he put the small lithium battery into a tube to atomise the liquid nicotine solution, and in doing so, helped shape the e-cigarette we’re familiar with today.

Lik’s device took to the shelves in China in 2004 and entered the European and US markets in 2006 and 2007.


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